Mommy and Me Toddler Yoga

What on earth can a 12 month old get out of a yoga class you ask?Only an abundance of developmental benefits! 2 months ago, YogaTwist debuted a Mommy and me toddler yoga class at the sweet Lila Sky boutique space that has been ommmmazing! In just 5 classes, there have been so many benefits for the kids and their mommies! Activities range from taking turns sounding the Tibetan healing bowl/chimes and chanting omms and yumms (while rubbing our tummies!) to picture books with yoga poses to act out, clapping and rhythm games, toe-go picking up Pom poms with our toes (fine motor skills), songs with interactive hand motions to help with gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination, breathing and of course a lovely relaxation with mama (more FOR mama?), complete with floating bubbles and soft music. This class promotes emotional health with stretches and movement, balancing, and bonding for mother and child and is a great way to socialize as well! It is so special sharing yoga with the different generations (we even have a young grandmother who comes too!) check out the magic happening almost every Friday morning! Contact Viviana for details namasté and come out to play!

julie 🙂