YogaTwist bloggin!

Hi! Welcome to my very first ever BLOG! I know I am a little behind the times, cause it seems everyone is doin it! But, u know, I have been a little busy workin on my LIFE MISSION, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

I am so humbled and honored as a yoga instructor to be able to hold space and share yoga on and off the mat with kids of ALL ages! When I say all ages, I mean like Pre-natal mamas with baby still in the tummy, to 12 months, school kids, teens, adults  to Grandparents and everyone in between! It is my passion and my mission to connect to as many souls as possible, especially the children, so that we can co-create an amazing and positive future!

‘Yoga’ means to connect, so that is the main focus. Connecting and/or re-connecting to ourselves, our friends and family, and ultimately to the entire world and universe! Each one of us is so powerful and can make a huge difference. One at a time, we can raise the consciousness on our planet and ultimately heal the world! Doesn’t that sound awesome! It is!!! In my kids classes the chant “Peace begins with me” is often heard….and that is what it’s all about. When we tap into our own inner peace, no matter what is going on around us….that is where the magic can begin! So join Yogatwist on this ommmmazing journey and discover it for yourself! Magic happens!

Julie <3